Friends will be friends: Samsung Pay + Android Pay

Firstly, I figured out that Samsung Pay is far superior (ok, yes you can pay without PayPass support on cashier side as long as you can touch payment terminal with your phone)… That was a good find, since now I only need a card for ticket or old cash machines – nothing can be effectively touched here, sadly. Started to use it as the default and everywhere. Then, once I discovered limitations – no more than 10 payment cards inside Samsung Pay. Next, in Finland – had troubles paying with Samsung payment platform (learned later on that Samsung Pay is not supported there for some reasons)… Further challenge was – some banks don’t support Samsung Pay, but Android pay only. Started to figure out if it is possible to use them together… And at some point, it started to be. As far as I can recall in recent updates – some special feature has been added to prioritize payment with currently opened application on top of default one. Once you set this function up – you are free to go.

What you need to do:

  1. Open Android settings
  2. Go to “NFC and Payment”->”Tap and Pay”.
  3. Set Google Pay as default, otherwise it won’t work at all as below…
  4. Setup an option “If open app supports Tap and pay” to “Use open app instead of Google Pay”
  5. If Google pay has issues adding your cards – disable AdBlock at least for this application, attempt to retry
  6. To pay with Samsung pay – just open the app (unlimited offline payment – add your best cards here)
  7. To pay with Google Pay default cart – just touch terminal (limited offline support, only 5 attempts)

Now, if you need more than 10  cards – just add spare ones to Google. That’s it. And it is better to have 2 payment platforms, then one. Just in case… 

Happy New Year 2019! 🙂