Docker – Is this Windows last stand?..

When I figured out that Windows 10 Mobile is going to be buried under the ground, I thought that this was a sign of the fact that Microsoft probably shutting down any attempts to conquer OS market. At least universally(In my eyes, UWP literally died this day). But, then I thought… What if, OS doesn’t matter anymore? Think about virtualization, containerization and other modern state of art techniques. Thou… Windows MUST be nice. It should gracefully fit your requirements, while bringing no trouble. That’s it. And to accomplish that goal…

  1. Have a perfect UI
  2. Adopt trendy user centric technologies rapidly
  3. Support containerization and virtualization
  4. Integrate with other services and techs
  5. Be secure and updatable

Really, as log as you can run any Linux app of your choice, develop whatever, is it critical to be fanatic about OS of your choice (Switch to Apple, Linux, whatever completely)? I think no. When it comes to developers and gamers – it is a must for Windows to remain relevant, being competitive when it comes to software selection. My bet is, that Microsoft figured it out and is going to protect leadership in mentioned space. Finally, will it be desktop only OS soon?.. Server stuff – less sensitive to user interaction. You can easily containerize whatever you want and use any OS kernel. Ohh… Expect chaos in backend, then. Dunno how wide is going to be an attack surface in that case, if security matters, of course 🙂

On integration side – Microsoft already landed Office on iOS and even more on Android – Microsoft Launcher. It fits my understanding of the strategy.

So… Let’s keep watching this interesting movie, hopefully Windows is going to survive in the long run. 🙂