Windows 10 Fall… Creators Update.

That’s basically an impression which came together with Windows “Fall Creators Update” v1709. Picture says it’s all. Yeah, definitely a fall in my eyes, as a Windows fan. Aside from shared below, update itself installed smoothly – nothing to worry about (2x laptops, tablet and mobile). However, too many features I haven’t tried so far (don’t have augmented reality headset yet).

Nice fact that Microsoft now cares about “People”, adding this to the taskbar. Yeah, we really should have had that long time ago… Event viewer groups now take more space, thus I won’t say that it is 100% perfect.

Also, major cleaning in the house happened, list of removed features (bye, Paint):

Here comes official full change log for the desktop version:

These top news (and features) came together with this OS update (and actually affected whole experience linked with it):

  1. Ok, Universal Windows Platform is not universal anymore. Microsoft quickly killed this paradigm, stating that Windows 10 Mobile goes on maintenance… UWP wasn’t nice, but now it is totally irrelevant. Because it is slow and not universal. Look at boring UWP Skype experience. Yeah, I use top grade hardware, 200Mbs connection, and it still doesn’t start quickly, takes time to download messages! Pretty odd… What about alternatives?, as an option. But it still in the early development stage. Quote: “After a few months of trying to reverse-engineer WPF with the Avalonia Project I began to come to the same conclusion that I imagine Microsoft came to internally: for all its groundbreaking-ness at the time, WPF at its core is a dated mess, written for .NET 1 and barely updated to even bring it up-to-date with .NET 2 features such as generics”
  2. Windows 10 Mobile 1709 nothing more than “feature2” branch with tons of bug fixes and Edge 15 included under the hood (compared to version 16 on the desktop). Don’t be fooled by the name. As expected, Edge gives lower score at – 468 vs 452. Ok, difference was even before, but not that huge,  only related to some touch screen functions. Still throws out exceptions when camera being used, so it is not reliable at all… 🙁 Was there even an effort to compete with Windows 10 Mobile at all? Because we hardly seen any development and new features for a while. That’s full change log for Mobile: Promised to be supported till the end of 2019. And FitBit Blaze smart watch works just great now.
  3. Groove was shut down. I didn’t notice that, because I’ve tired of Microsoft services and switched to Deezer straight from MixRadio. Why selling music service, then restart it, then shut down?.. Isn’t it better to inherit user base?.. Anyway, I’m gone and happy since then.
  4. Edge and Microsoft Launcher was released for Android and iOS. That, I suppose, plan B in action… Attempt to save what could be saved. But after everything, but all described above, personally I’m struggling to trust. As soon as I get some alternative platform – will get back with some experience.
  5. Augmented reality – great feature, usable in enterprise, but again, thin user base expected. As Oculus and HTC still struggling to make VR games and software development profitable. With experience of Windows 10 Mobile will anyone trust and invest in this area, knowing historical background? Hope Microsoft knows the answer, yet will support this promising direction. I won’t rush for the headset, however. Don’t wanna be fooled. 🙂
  6. Windows on ARM. Seen this before, used WinRT tablet. Now Qualcomm is a top partner. Generally positive fact, that we won’t see performance impact from emulation of x64 command set. Aside from that, time will show, how market will respond to Snapdragon 835 based tablet offerings. I’m not too impressed, because I still use i3 based Dell Venue 13 Pro, and it is just fine. Don’t need neither more performance, nor battery life. If I need to do something huge – I’d to connect to remote machine. That’s it. Another point is that most users won’t care about CPU inside, but features. Period. And nothing new for me here…
  7. Strong financial report from the company. Great! Cloud beating expectations, personal computing stagnating. Could it be slow departure from OS market?..

Finally, as a Windows guy I understood that switching from Windows everywhere is close to imminent even from me. Actually, I have experience with Linux and Android, but this was a bit aside. Now I’m forced to know these options far better.

Thus, for me it is smoothest, but very sad update so far. Yeah, it is “Fall”, after all… Still hoping for a better future and some even strategy update from Microsoft.