Connect securely to your home, work or whatever… Comfortable way!

Usually it is a trouble to connect while being sure that your connection goes thru the secure channel. You have to establish VPN connection, launch your executable, or start special browsing session. 🙂 Imagine, being in the coffee shop, doing some internet trading or bank transfer… Another case when you would like to browse thru out your home or work network. OK, of course, it is always possible to establish a permanent tunnel or care about routing. This is another way of doing things… Just scripting. 🙂

Check it here:

It is open source, written in PowerShell, terribly simple, allows you to comfortably browse sites, launch apps. Furthermore, it disconnects when application being closed (browsing session ends). Yet, very easy to configure. Just create command files or appropriate shortcuts on your desktop.

Enhancement suggestions are welcome!