Neato Botvac Connected: Effectiveness measurement

Ok, that was a question for me – what part of my home robotic cleaner is able to effectively cover (not a cheapest solution available – Neato BotVac Connected with descent navigation). Until now, without application it was hard to measure. Before long, since application arrived, statistics has been collected. Also it is in square meters now. As result my Wall-E can cover maximum of 35 square meters out of 48. With typical coverage about 30. And it takes about half an hour to complete… Not much. I still have to rearrange chairs and gather everything lying on the floor to make his work less complicated. Then clean up remaining ~38% of the room and all remaining horizontal surfaces from dust. When it comes to robot maintenance, I still clean it with VAX 1500W older brother on weekly basis… One small issue appeared just recently. I was forced to turn Lidar a bit, otherwise robot was stuck. Dunno if it is an early sign of coming malfunction, time will tell (7 month of warranty remaining).

Impression: life is less complex (read: boring) now, but you won’t get rid of cleaning as a whole.

Finally, do we need androids to handle house cleaning completely? 🙂