Windows 10 Creators Update – both sides of the story!

Needless to say, that it supposed to be general operating system update with major features brought in to production.

Will start from the negative side.

To me it is most problematic one. Anniversary was successfully installed on all of my machines. Now, with Creators Update got it significantly delayed on Mobile and some issues on ASUS GL502VT laptop at work.

Funny layout – desktop version with new features plagued with issues, on the other hand, nearly empty mobile one – significantly delayed beyond schedule, but went fine.

Promised “Creators” features mostly useless to me. Reason: so far I don’t have 3D printer and rarely use my tablet with Windows Ink. 😊 But I think I’m still a creator of some kind. Cool to be able to play, however.

Folders in start menu is most annoying part. In simple words, sometimes it’s better to just not to do it. It doesn’t allow to unify my menus with mobile because it lacks naming. Finally, I thought that Microsoft learned a lesson “release when it is ready”. Not here. Sad, sad.

Gaming mode – many people reported shuttering, including me. Background music might accidently stop if running in third party application.

Cortana: still no Russian, use English. She can’t read Russian messages at all. Bad. Very bad. No estimates on Russian language availability at all.

Nothing new in Mobile and promised battery life boost is not noticeable at all. Very surprised with some phones excluded from the upgrade, even with similar specs to those included made me guessing that overheating might be the reason. Even useful Night Light is missing. Damn, why?.. 🙁

Finally, apps corner is also gone for good. Is it some kind of general cleaning in the house?..

That what you’ll get by default, after attempt to execute just downloaded installer…

When it comes to positives…

Yeah, system is a bit more fluent and responsive in general.

Gaming mode gave me plus 5-9 fps in most of the games.

And, finally, security. MicroSD card now can be encrypted on Mobile. Just in case if you have tougth security policy at work… 🙂 Sporadic SD card disconnection still not fixed on HP Elite X3.

One very useful feature – Night Light for my valuable eyes at the evening.

As a summary, impression is that this smallest and most problematic update so far. Heard that Microsoft recommends to wait to update your machine until Windows Update forces that action. It seems that soon I’ll have to implement some “delay” strategy even with full Windows 10 releases.

Getting tired of incremental incomplete features and updates.

Your experience?..